Art collective based in Tokyo. Formed in 2001. Toshiyuki Inoko, Founder (born in 1977 in Tokushima, Japan)


teamLab is an art collective, an interdisciplinary group of ultratechnologists whose collaborative practice seeks to navigate the confluence of art, science, technology, design and the natural world. Various specialists such as artists, programmers, engineers, CG animators, mathematicians and architects form teamLab. The collective aims to explore a new relationship between humans and nature, and between oneself and the world through art. Digital technology has allowed art to liberate itself from the physical and transcend boundaries. teamLab sees no boundary between humans and nature, and between oneself and the world; one is in the other and the other in one. Everything exists in a long, fragile yet miraculous, borderless continuity of life. teamLab is represented by Ikkan Art Gallery, Pace Gallery and Martin Browne Contemporary.


Nandita’s work was included in the OpenART Biennale 2017, Orebro, Sweden and Imaginarium: To the Ends of the Earth, Singapore Art Museum. Other notable exhibitions include solo shows : Forest Weft, City Warp (2017-2018),The Materiality of Time (2015) and group shows : Exploring BigCi, Hawkesbury Regional Gallery, Australia (2015), Untapped, Chan Hampe Gallery, Singapore (2016), Fundacio L’Olivar Summer Exhibition, Spain (2016).


She has been awarded artist residencies by the Fundacio L’Olivar in Spain, the Hawkesbury Regional  Gallery,  Australia and the Bilpin International Ground for Creative Initiatives, Australia, all of which have enabled her to deepen her research into the natural world. She has also been awarded the Capability Development Grant (2016), the Market Development Grant (2017) and the Presentation Grant (2017) by the National Arts Council, Singapore.
Having quit a successful corporate career with Proctor and Gamble to devote herself full-time to art making, Nandita graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (First Class) from Goldsmiths, College of London via LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore. She received the LASALLE Award for Excellence for outstanding student of the year (2014). Nandita is also an alumna of the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta and has a degree in Electronics Engineering.


Waves of Light
Digital work, 6 channels, endless

108 x 366 x 15 cm, Edition of 4

2018 ⒸteamLab

Impermanent Life
Digital Work, 4 channels, 10 min (loop)

121 x 274 x 15 cm, Edition of 8

2017 ⒸteamLab

Peony Peacock
Digital work, single channel, randomized video loop, 3 sequences, 5 min 20 secs, each

145 x 83 x 8 cm, Edition of 10

2017 ⒸteamLab

Sunflower Phoenix
Digital work, single channel, randomized video loop, 3 sequences, 5 min 20 secs, each

145 x 83 x 8 cm, Edition of 10

2017 ⒸteamLab

Group Exhibition

Fleeting Time, Captured Moment

13 Dec, 2018 – 12 Jan, 2019

Participating Artists:


Naoya Hatakeyama

Yasumasa Morimura


In collaboration with Ikkan Art Gallery, MIAJA Gallery is proud to present “Fleeting Time, Captured Moment” exhibition at its new gallery location at the APS building, located near Robertson Quay, Singapore. The exhibition features three celebrated Japanese artists; teamLab, Naoya Hatakeyama and Yasumasa Morimura. “Fleeting Time – Captured Moment” explores themes relating to nature, life cycles, and a study of time; passing from present to past and immortalized in Art.


teamLab’s work explores the relationship between nature and humans in digital form. teamLab is a collective of ultra-technologists consisting of artists, programmers, scientists, mathematicians and architects who create Art that transcends boundaries. In breathtaking digital works such as “Waves of Light”, computer- generated waves are expressed as a continuous body of water, after calculating hundreds and thousands of particles, creating a new experience between humans, nature and Art.


“The Slow Glass Series” by Naoya Hatakeyama focuses on landscapes and streets photographed through a glass plate covered with drops of water. With this technique, the image of the scenes behind the drops takes a new form that resembles a watercolour artwork, organically reproduced by nature; colours, shapes and reflections of light. The works can be read as a study of remembrance via the medium of photography.


Yasumasa Morimura’s satirical style of embedding himself into iconic images from history, mass media and popular culture, also has a playful exploration of time. His works portray transformed protagonists such as Vincent Van Gogh and Johannes Vermeer’s “The girl with the pearl earring”. He describes his style of reconstructing historically resonant images and bringing them back to life “like reconstituting freeze-dried tofu and serving it up again now”. All three artists have mastered manipulation of forms and navigating Art into modern times. Their works, much like the subject matter itself, become a “captured moment” and a snapshot of our times, frozen in history.

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