I create – I am

A Summer Group Exhibition

25 July – 24 August 2019

About the exhibition:

French philosopher, René Descartes, famously said, “I think; therefore, I am.” Yet as we move away from the dominance of rational thought in our perceptions of the truth with a renewed interest in sensation and intuition as reliable sources of information – how is this reflected in the ways we make sense of our world and interpret our Art?

In the first joint exhibition between Miaja Gallery and Miaja Art Collections - Contemporary Art Gallery, I create – I am presents five artists from each gallery to showcase their unique expressions. From colourful abstractions to meticulously detailed drawings, we are given an insight into the creative process and personality of each artist and how this is reflected in their works. Their creations become a testament to a new way of seeing, a new way of being, in the world around us. I create; therefore, I am.



Participating artists:

Allen Tang

Gus Albor

Ieo Gek Ching

Kumari Nahappan


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